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The L'ETINCELLE ART SPACE Shanghai is a non-profit gallery opened in 2018, by Jennifer and Sophia and features Chinese and European contemporary art and design. With a couple of exhibitions each year, we hope to inspire and ignite a growing audience of art aficionados.
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In the spirit of an art and design exchange, we aim at introducing and promoting emerging and established artists, both Chinese and Western.

Explosive growth in the contemporary art market leaves artists and regulation with a huge burden. Our international audience thinks that a visit to our gallery is worth a detour because it offers a clear alternative to the over-commercialization of the Shanghai art scene.

We apply the same uninhibited mindset in our discoveries of new talent and in our search for cooperation with European galleries.


Who is who

Jennifer Zhang

Starting her journey, Jennifer studied law and this helped her to lay the groundwork for building balanced and fair relationships.

With a love for design and eye for detail, Jennifer started producing furniture for the Shanghai food and beverage customers. [Link-j-furniture]

Pregnant with her second daughter, new design ideas developped. Supported by a creative team, she developped [J4KID] and [Inidoo], two brands valued by both foreign and local parents in search for style and functional comfort in the living room. Also under her wings is [J4Furniture], a popular brand that features Scandinavian styled furniture and habitat decoration.

Brand owners asked her to invent, design and produce commercial window displays: [Visual Toast] is the new venture that combines storytelling and refined brand identity.


Sophia Slingerland

Sophia Slingerland, a German trained architect, lived in different countries throughout her career. From very early on, she was concerned about ecology and sustainability and pursued her career path in this direction in different countries. Germany, Austria, France, California, Czech Republic are on her list of places, where she was involved or got influenced by.

She first founded an architectural and design company in 2009 and presently runs her company Ateliers Phi SA. She opened 2015 “Sophia Slingerland Ltd.” in HongKong, and in 2016 she founded “上海柯拉茜耶建筑设计有限公司” in Shanghai, China, an architectural and interior design firm. One of her current projects is the design and construction of a Chinese International Kindergarden in Shanghai.

Furthermore, she is planning to open a Showroom for lifestyle and ecological, sustainable furniture in Shanghai.

Sophia Slingerland is the only foreign member of the Chinese Passive House Alliance and gives guest lectures at Shanghai University about Sustainability and Passive houses.

She is a regular guest speaker on various themes, including women leadership and women career success factors.


Czech - Chinese Art Project:  Art Builds Bridges

To improve the cultural relationship between China and Czech Republic.
Through the joint exhibition and the dialogue from Chinese and Czech artists, we want to show the mutual blending and influence of Eastern and Western art.

“Art Builds Bridges”---Prague
《Conflict & Compromise ——A Hai Kong & Pavel Roučka 》was held at Lobkowicz Palace in Prague Castle from November 25th till November 28th, 2018.

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敬请期待 - Coming Soon!

《复调——帕维尔& 王劼音》将于2019年4月10日-25日在中国上海油画雕塑院美术馆举办,敬请期待!
“Art Builds Bridges”---Shanghai
《FAUGE——Pavel Roučka & Jieyin Wang》
will be held at SPSI Art Museum from April 10th till April 25th, 2019.

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