About L'etincelle Art Space

L'etincelle Art Space was founded by Jennifer Zhang and is supported by a number of private entrepreneurs.

L’etincelle Art Space was established in 2019 as a non-profit art gallery to collect and display artworks by Chinese and international contemporary artists. The art gallery is dedicated to introducing European contemporary artists to Chinese art lovers and collectors, and collaborates with a number of European galleries and art funds. Czech and Belgian artists have already been introduced.

L’etincelle Art Space sponsors remarkable young and middle-aged Chinese artists, brings to light the value of their art and supports them in continuing their artistic endeavors.

The recent explosive growth in the contemporary art market places a huge burden on artists and curators alike. Many international art lovers feel that a visit to L’etincelle Art Space is worth the trip because it provides a clear alternative to the over-commercialized Shanghai art scene.

We apply the same uninhibited mindset to our search for new artistic talent and our drive for cooperation with European art galleries.

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About Jennifer Zhang​

Picture of Jennifer Zhang

Starting her journey, Jennifer studied law. This helped her lay the groundwork for building balanced and fair relationships.
Passionate about design and with a keen eye for detail, Jennifer started producing furniture for the Shanghai food and beverage customers with Link-J furniture.

Pregnant with her second daughter, new design ideas came to fruition. Supported by a team of creatives, Jennifer developed J4KID and Inidoo, two brands that are valued highly by both international and local parents looking to create stylish and functional comfort in the living room. Also under her wings is J4Furniture, a popular brand creating furniture and home decoration featuring Scandinavian design.

Brand owners asked her to invent, design and produce commercial window displays: Visual Toast is a new venture that combines storytelling with a refined brand identity. 

In 2017, Jennifer ended 17 years of creating enterprises and jointly established a film and television investment company Shanghai Magic Tiger Media Co., Ltd., which mainly invests in online film and television projects.

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In 2019, because of her passion for art, she founded the non-profit art museum L’etincelle-Space.


By 2020, Jennifer had transformed L’etincelle-Space into the first unmanned art museum in China. Using technology and social media she built a community for artists and art lovers based on mutual trust.


In 2022, Jennifer moved to Gent, Belgium for family reasons. She fell in love with this thousand-year-old city. Soon after, Jennifer became the partner of artistic B&B Verne Dreaming. Her aim is to bring guests an unforgettable experience and build a community around Verne Dreams for artists, bon vivants, interior design aficionados and wabi-sabi lovers.
At the same time, Jennifer established L’etincelle Arts, a private art company in Belgium. Jennifer is committed to nurturing cultural and artistic exchanges between China and Belgium.

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