L’etincelle Art Space Shanghai is a non-profit art gallery started by Jennifer Zhang. The gallery opened in 2018 and features Chinese and European contemporary art and design. With a couple of exhibitions each year, we hope to inspire and ignite a growing audience of art aficionados.

Art Projects

Art Builds

Every year, we invite a Chinese artist and a European artist to hold a joint exhibition in Shanghai. The aim of this joint exhibition is to enable both artists to enter into a dialogue, and to act as a catalyst for strengthening the cultural integration of East and West.


Dedicated to supporting the creation of original art, L’etincelle Art Space holds solo or group exhibitions of original artworks. The exhibited art will be collected.

Supporting Women

L’etincelle Art Space is dedicated to supporting female artists. With the support of WIA Collectors’ Club,  we hold solo exhibitions by select female artists and collect their art.

Art Talk

L’etincelle Art Talk is a series of 10-15 minute conversations with Chinese & Western artists, collectors & other players in the art world. Shot from an artistic & anthropological perspective, each episode focuses on the interviewee’s career and life. Highlighting the inspiration, emotions and experience of the interviewees, L’etincelle Art Talk explores the relationship between people and art. The interviews are in both Chinese and English.

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WIA Collector's Club in Shanghai

On January 1st 2021, L’Etincelle Art Space founded the Women in Art (WIA) collectors' club, a women’s collectors' club dedicated to supporting original art of contemporary female artists.

Membership requirements

Note: gallery owners, professional artists, art dealers, art managers and artist managers are not eligible.

NFT Studio

March 22

In March 2022, L’etincelle Art Space founded a NFT studio together with METAERA NFT platform. It will produce NFTs for brands.

VR Metaverse Art Museum

under construction

Together with Australian VR platform Xspaces and INNOART BEIJING, L’etincelle Art Space is building a VR metaverse art museum.


The VR Metaverse Art Museum will hold 4-6 national or international art exhibitions each year.

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